Le plaisir de marcher

Marcher en plein soleil, sentir le souffle du vent qui vient des glaciers.
Marcher au rythme des mules, derrière cette caravane chargée d'orge.
Marcher jusqu'à atteindre ce col à l'horizon, pour en découvrir un nouveau.
Marcher, juste pour le plaisir de marcher...

Walking, right in the sun and feeling the breath of the wind coming from the glaciers.
Walking in the same path than the mules, behind this caravan charged of barley.
Walking until you reach this pass far away, then discovering a new one.
Walking, just for the pleasure.


P a dit…
Apologies for writing in English and not French, but I have to say there are some stunning photographs in your blog of your travels. Its a joy, so thank you for sharing.
Babzy a dit…
magnifique ! :)
Cryingbear a dit…
Thank you and welcome here P!

merci Babzy ;)
Pat Tillett a dit…
You were at the right place, at the right time and took a wonderful photograph...

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