Cascade Langevin

Probablement la plus belle cascade de l'île de La Réunion.
Probably the most beautiful waterfall in Reunion Island.


For more black and white pictures, visit "The Weekend in Black and White" !


Genie a dit…
This beautiful waterfall looks like it in actually in a cave. This is an awesome shot...really beautiful. Wish I could see the location in person. genie
Gemma Wiseman a dit…
Stunning, silky fall of water! And love the rocky textures! Beautiful photo!
LauraX a dit…
such a powerful and beautiful black and white image, wow!
serline a dit…
Wonderful B/W and silky waterfall.
Dragonstar a dit…
Such a beautiful scene. The water looks like very fine unspun silk.
excellent clarity and clear black and white tones. beautiful. thank you, kareninkenai (weekend in b/w)

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